Stanley brushless drills performance 



The new STANLEY® Brushless drills give you enhanced performance
with the same battery pack. 

Because of the optimised motor design, the tools have 50% more runtime, increased power and life, all while being up to 10% shorter and staying lightweight.

More runtime per battery charge

 Maintenance free brushless motor

Compact design for pro tradesmen

Brushless technology

A standard brushed motor contains small carbon brushes that transfer the energy created to the output. During this process, energy is lost on heat and friction, due to the physical contact of the brushes. In a brushless motor, this friction is eliminated, meaning more battery energy is directed to the application itself – and ensuring a significantly more efficient tool.

50% more runtime

With less energy being lost and therefore a more efficiently running motor, brushless tools deliver 50% extra runtime. As a result, you can achieve much more during the day, using exactly the same battery pack as before. Reducing the heat and friction in the motor also extends the life of every tool.

20% more power

With fewer friction points in the motor, and directing the energy straight from the electromagnets to the tip of the drill, more force will naturally be created. For the busy professional, this means the ability to drill even faster. Giving you up to 20% more power, a brushless drill will get the job done, quicker and better.

10% Shorter

Rearranging the components within the motor has the additional benefit of making it more compact in size. Significantly shorter than our existing brushed drills, these new brushless tools are more comfortable to use when working in tight spaces, and give you considerably more control

At STANLEY, we constantly strive to deliver the most reliable and practical tools around. Innovation is in our DNA, and your needs are our motivation. Each day, we create new tools to help you work fast, hit hard, and build big...So you can do every job better than the last.

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